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High potency, multistrain probiotic formulation. 60 Billion beneficial bacteria per capsule guaranteed at time of expiration.

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Highest potency and multistrain probiotic formulations. Ranging between 100 to 400 billion beneficial live bacteria per gram guaranteed at time of expiration.

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Yogurt Starters

Make your own delicious probiotic yogurt using our pure and high potency yogurt starters!

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We have received thousands of testimonials to date. See what people are saying and why so many use Custom Probiotics or switch over from other brands.


About our Probiotics

  • Over 15 Years of continued research and formulation of probiotic supplements.
  • Highest potency
  • Highest Purity
  • See why Custom Probiotics is recommend by top doctors, naturopaths and health care professionals worldwide.
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Contact Custom Probiotics

Call us at (416) 786-0220
or email info@customprobiotics.ca

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Buy Probiotics Supplements Online Canada

You can buy probiotic products online and have them shipped directly to your home or office from Custom Probiotics. We feature a wide variety of probiotic supplements online to fit with your needs and requirements, including powders, yogurt starters, and capsules, all carefully formulated and blended to our quality standards. You even have the option to order a customized blend of any of the single strains we stock and have them added to any of your favorite formulations

Looking to take care of your gut health? At Custom Probiotics, we offer the best probiotic supplements in Canada to suit a wide range of needs. With a large variety of different strains at our fingertips and the expertise to provide a tailored approach, we are your trusted source for quality customized probiotics. Read More


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