Probiotic Powders

The Best Probiotic Powders in Canada

We at Custom Probiotics take optimal immune system and digestive health seriously. Backed by medical analysis and science rather than flavours or trends, our probiotic powders are rich in beneficial microorganism cultures. Available in strain variations of multiple sizes, they offer unique formulations for a variety of purposes or to make up for specific bacterial deficiencies in the body. They come complete with adult and baby scoops to ensure you and, if applicable, any of your children can enjoy the long-term health benefits of a strengthened bacterial defense.

Our probiotic powders only include beneficial ingredients. No filler. Therefore, regardless of which you choose, it will be free of the following:

  • Sugar
  • Gluten
  • Soy
  • Corn
  • Casein
  • Yeast
  • Needless artificial colours
  • Flavouring
  • Preservatives
  • FOS, GMOs, or other engineered ingredients

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take a probiotic powder, and when?

For ideal efficacy, we recommend waiting until you have an empty stomach and are hungry. This is when our probiotic powder’s cultures can perform at their peak. Simply mix with either clean, filtered water or a nutritious, low-sugar smoothie and enjoy. Avoid using sugary and unhealthy beverages for the mixture.

Am I able to take the powder with me when travelling?

Custom Probiotics powder-based supplementary products are ideal for use while travelling. They can be stored in room-temperature conditions for up to three months, and around two months in warmer areas. That being said, the best approach is to keep your powder’s container cap closed tightly and keep it in a refrigerator whenever possible to ensure maximum longevity and efficacy.

What does CFU stand for?

CFU is a term, short for colony-forming unit, used in determining approximately how many microorganisms per culture are present in a measured sample. Our six-strain probiotic powder, for example, contains 260 billion CFU per gram at the time of expiry. The higher the CFU count is, the healthier and stronger a beneficial bacterial defense your body’s immune and digestive system can create.

Why should I take probiotics?

Depending on the specific cultures present, probiotics come in a wide array of variations. Some, like ours, target the intestines and digestive system to promote an optimal flora balance. Others improve immune system efficiency and strength, protect the heart, and even have the capability of preserving your mental health. Again, this greatly depends on which supplement you choose. For more details, reach out to the Custom Probiotics team today to make a well-informed purchase decision on what is best for your needs and health.