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The Relationship Between Probiotics and Prebiotics


Having indigestion issues? Probiotics and prebiotics can quite literally save the day. To understand how they work, you have to know about the microbiome that lives in your gut, made out of thousands of species of bacteria. A healthy diet may encourage a healthy microbiome, but other factors can leave it imbalanced. This is your first step towards a healthier body, but how do probiotics differ from prebiotics?


Use Cases

Introducing probiotics to your system means you’re putting living microbes into your microbiome. Probiotics help with common problems such as bloating, inflammation, and sleep abnormalities. In addition, they can be beneficial when facing more complex issues such as IBS, ADD/ADHD, and asthma.

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Our Guide to Probiotics for Kids

Most adults know that it’s important to have a healthy gut. Diet, stress, and antibiotics can all lead to unbalanced flora, which can cause discomfort and lead to potentially severe health problems. These seem like adult problems, but you moms and dads out there should be aware that it can affect a child’s intestinal health [...]

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Are products ok during shipment in the summer

Yes our probiotics are very temperature stable and high in potency so there is negligible effect on them during shipping in the summer weather. Our probiotics are also room temperature stable for 3 months, but we do recommend you keep them refrigerated when you can.

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Can I order single strain products?

Yes we sell single strains if requested. Just email or call us to place the order!We provide the following strains:L. AcidophilusL. BulgaricusL. CaseiL. GasseriL. LactisL. ParacaseiL. PlantarumL. ReuteriL. RhamnosusL. SalivariusS. ThermophilusB. BreveB. InfantisB. Longum

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Which product should I be taking?

We carry a variety of products from single strains to multistrain probiotic supplements.They come in powder form in a glass jar with 2 types of measuring scoops.We also have one type of capsule for those who prefer the convenience of that. it is called the CP-1 capsule.If you have researched which strains you need specifically [...]

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Can you travel with the probiotics?

Our probiotics are room temperature stable for 3 months.They are fine for traveling in hot temperatures for a couple of months, but should be kept refrigerated past that.

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How much probiotics do I need to take?

Every individual requires a different amount of CFU (Colony Forming Units) when taking probiotics. Your gut flora is unique like a fingerprint and you need to play with dosage and different strains to determine what is best for you. Typically it is best to take a multi strain formulae. Dosages can range between 60 Billion [...]

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What is the best way to take probiotics?

Probiotics are best taken on an empty stomach and with a large glass of water.  You can also mix them in smoothies but we recommend you don't mix it with drinks containing too much sugar.

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