Why You Should Take Probiotics with Antibiotics

Their very names suggest that they should cancel each other out, so why would you bother taking probiotics at the same time as antibiotics? The notion that probiotics will in some way make antibiotics less effective is wholly untrue. The former promotes a healthier immune system and will help you recover more quickly from your ailments, all while making side effects from medication less severe.

Here are some important facts you should know about taking probiotics and antibiotics.

Should Antibiotics and Probiotics be Taken Together?

Antibiotics can have unwelcome side effects. Some completely wipe out your healthy gut bacteria, leading to digestive disorders such as diarrhea. According to WebMD, if you take probiotics at the same time as antibiotics, you’re 42 percent less likely to have diarrhea. That’s because the former are rebuilding the microbiome in your gut and balancing your flora. Therefore, as the antibiotics get rid of the bad bacteria, good bacteria are still being cultivated.

What Are the Best Probiotics to Take with Antibiotics?

Your probiotic should have multiple strains and include Lactobacillus rhamnosus, which will reduce the chances of diarrhea or lessen the severity of this symptom. There should also be strains in the Bifidobacterium and Streptococcus families to repopulate the gut. Preferably, get a probiotic that also has a prebiotic in it, as that will act as a fertilizer for the former, meaning an overall healthier gut flora.

For How Long Should You Take Probiotics After Antibiotics?

Don’t quit your course of probiotics as soon as you’re done with your antibiotic treatment. It can take a while to properly rebalance your gut flora once it has been destroyed. You can’t get the right amount of probiotics and prebiotics from your food, so you need these supplements to repopulate your microbiome and build your immune system back up. You should continue taking your probiotics for at least a year or, better yet, make it a lifelong habit. Probiotics have a variety of overall health benefits such as reducing anxiety and decreasing bloating. In short, your body will thank you for the extra help.

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