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Single Strain Probiotics and Custom Blends



Our single strain probiotic supplements are carefully designed to be an all-natural solution to help you improve your gut health and wellbeing. Whether you’re searching for a single strain ready-to-go product or a tailored blended formula, we offer customizable solutions so our customers can find the right supplement for their individual needs. Choose from capsules, powders or yogurt starters. 

All of our products are formulated using the highest quality and potency levels for maximum efficacy. Each product is also free from dairy, sugar, GMOs, gluten, artificial flavours, soy, corn, casein, and additives. 


How Do Probiotics Help Your Gut Health?

We all have a fascinating microbiome of bacteria living within us, and as more research is conducted, we’re learning just how much this inner ecosystem impacts our entire wellbeing. Both bad and good bacteria exist in our gut, and each type affects our health in different ways. 

Probiotics allow our good bacteria to flourish, which helps to improve our digestion, skin health and most importantly, it keeps our immune system strong and resilient against harmful pathogenic organisms.

Here’s how our single strain probiotics can benefit you:

  • Strengthen your immune system

  • Replenish good bacteria in the gut

  • Fight off harmful bacteria and other organisms

  • Relieve digestive discomfort

  • Promote healthy skin

 Custom Probiotics can supply single strains or custom formulations depending on your needs.

We can supply the following single strains, or blend them to your request.

** All our strains are pure and do not contain any excipients, additives, or dairy.

Single Strain          25g 50g 100g
L. Acidophilus          $45 $85 $135
L. Bulgaricus          $45 $85 135
L. Casei          $65 $125 $205
L. Gasseri          $75 $140 $240
L. Lactis          $45 $85 $135
L. Paracasei (Out of Stock)          $75 $140 $240
L. Plantarum          $75 $140 $240
L. Reuteri (Out of Stock)          $75 $140 $240
L. Rhamnosus          $45 $85 $135
L. Salivarius          $75 $140 $240
S. Thermophilus          $75 $140 $240
B. Breve (Out of Stock)          $78 $145 $250
B. Infantis (Out of Stock)          $45 $85 $135
B. Longum          $45 $85 $135


Custom Blends

50g - $125 CAD

100g - $220 CAD


Please call us at (416) 786-0220 or email at info@customprobiotics.ca to place these orders.

Allow up to 7 business days to ship single strains and custom blends since we do not stock them here in Canada.



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