Details about our probiotics

Our probiotic supplements are the purest and highest potency in the market. They do not contain any dairy, sugar, gluten, soy, yeast, casein, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, FOS or any genetically modified ingredients. The potency can range between 60-400 billion CFU per dose depending on your needs. You can even take a smaller dosage amount using our powders and measuring scoops we provide with your order. Also you have the option to customize any blend or formulation of strains from our over 22 strain selection you can find on our website.

How do you know all of this is accurate and true? We are the only company that does independent lab testing by a third party to verify these claims. Other companies and products will most likely use fillers and additives which will decrease the quality and potency of their products.

For over 20 years now Custom probiotics has been providing clients with the highest potency and quality supplements on the market.

Please check our testimonials on both the .com and .ca websites for verification of how satisfied our clients are. You can even get a good insight on which products to use by doing this.