About Us

Company History

Custom Probiotics was established in 1999 by a chemist named Harry Bronozian. Harry suffered from digestive issues such as H. Pylori and Candida for over 10 years before starting the company. He tried every medical and natural product to alleviate his symptoms but with no results. His conditions deteriorated to the point where he was not able to digest any food, and was told he wouldn’t be alive for much longer. In a desperate attempt to heal himself, he began formulating his own supplements using probiotic strains, which were not well known or researched at that time. As he was experimenting, he noticed slight improvements in his health. As he perfected his formulations and took more probiotics, his health began improving significantly. After taking what is now called our CP-1 capsules, and six strain probiotic supplements for 8 months, his H. Pylori was eliminated, and Candida was under control. Amazed by the results, he began sending the products to people he knew with the same conditions. This was the inception of Custom Probiotics Inc.

The company began with the goal to improve the health of individuals and has kept that focus for over 15 years. We are dedicated to research, and providing the highest quality supplements in the probiotic field. Our Supplements have been used and recommended by top medical and naturopathic doctors, as well as researchers and university studies.