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How much probiotics should I take?


It depends. Everyones microflora is unique like a fingerprint. You have to try and see for yourself. We have clients that take 40 billion CFU a day, all the way up to a trillion! 

If you have a flora imbalance, start off slow and work your way up to an amount you are comfortable with. If your completely healthy, we recommend taking at least 60 billion CFU a day.

Why use powders over capsules?

Powders allow you to vary your dosage very easily. You can take as little or much as you personally require this way. For example, some of our clients use a baby scoop of powder a day which is about 30 – 40 billion CFU. Others take up to 4 adult scoops a day, that’s about 1.2 Trillion CFU [...]

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